Anabel Romero


Anabel Romero, co-founder and co-artistic director of aLma.MaddR, is a multimedia artist residing in Los Angeles. Emerging from a spectrum of disciplines and cultural origins, her aesthetic is fluid and aware while carrying  a firm artistic voice. She creatively produces every layer of the artistic engagement so as to create a universe around a concept and audience.

In 2015, Anabel acquired her BFA in Voice Arts from the California Institute of the Arts where she studied with Carmina Escobar and Paul Berkolds. During her time at the institute, she developed an interest in music composition, writing for performance, creative production and the accessibility of art. In 2013, Anabel directed and premiered an intermezzo titled Lucid Dreamer for the CalArts Opera Scenes. She would later go on to join the creative production team for the 2014 CalArts hyperopera, B33H1VE, under the leadership and guidance of composer Anne LeBaron and director Maureen Huskey. In 2015, her final year at CalArts, Romero composed, directed, and performed the lead role in The Pulse, an immersive experimental opera in two acts.

Upon graduating, Anabel acquired the position of Assistant Stage Manager for The Industry’s production of Hopscotch, a mobile opera performed in 24 limousines and landmarks around Los Angeles. After completing the production, she began working for LA Opera as the Community Engagement Coordinator, overseeing community outreach programs like the Cathedral Project and Opera Camp. LA Opera’s Cathedral Project involves over 450 performers including community orchestra members, community ensemble, community choirs, the LA Opera Orchestra, and principal cast for an audience of over 2,000 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Opera Camp is a two-week intensive program for children ages 9-17 which instills the responsibility and power of storytelling into young artists as they prepare to present an opera about social justice. Through working in community outreach, Anabel is constantly reminded of her civic responsibility while finding new ways of connecting with diverse audiences through art.

Since working  at LA Opera, Romero has continued to present and produce new works around the Los Angeles area in spaces like Art Share LA, Automata, the Warehouse District, and the South Pasadena Music Conservatory among others.  Additionally, Romero co-produces and directs other unusual projects with her creative partner, Christina Ward, under the alias PINK & GRIME. Currently, they are working on   the_icebath, a multimedia podcast and an immersive surrealist opera titled EYE MAN MADE.