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Melodica Fest 2017

  • 1142 E 11th St Los Angeles, CA 90021-2038 (map)

Join us for the very first Melodica Fest!
I mean, what more could you want? 
Music for melodica by people who love melodica. It's the perfect compination. 
And even better, we put all these melodica enthusiets in one large esemble. 
Like, a melodica megansemble. 
It's gonna be super rad. Like, all the cool composers are gonna see this and be like "OMG, the ensemble of my dreams, I'm totally only gonna write for large melodica ensembles for the rest of my life" kind of rad. 
This event is truely not to be missed. 
I mean, like, you can, but you really shouldn't. 
I don't think there would be any real reprocussions over not going...I mean, except for the knowlege that you didn't go and totally missed possible thecoolest concert of your life. 
So like, why risk it, right? You're better of just coming to our concert and enjoying yourself instead. 
Trust me, I think you'll feel pretty awesome after attending. Heck, maybe you'll even join the ensemble next year. Who knows? 

Works old and new by: 
Drew Corey
Sean Hayward
Samara Rice
Chrysanthe Tan
Davild Aguila
Justin Scheid
Tyler Vander Maas

With special guest: 
Alan Shockly

The Melodica Fest Large Ensemble™: 
Tyler Vander Maas
Justin Scheid
Sean Hayward
Nery Kim
Drew Corey
Chrysanthe Tan
Magum Nadal
Robert Anderson
Kent Jenkins
Eve Elliot